A portrait of an Asian university student on campus


Want to improve your English language skills? Learning English at CBC means that you can prepare for further study, make new friends and experience Australian culture. You will learn English from experienced teachers who are very patient and understanding. Class sizes are small and you will be able to take part in small groups to practise your speaking. You will also meet native speakers and listen to guest speakers.



Develop an excellent understanding of accounting principles and practices, which you can then apply in many practical ways from bookkeeping, to using accounting software to presenting management accounting information. Specific skills in financial or management accounting, taxation, internal auditing, and business finance mean you will be a valuable asset to any company.



Whether you need fundamental office skills, have your eye on management positions, or dream of starting your own small business, CBC has the ideal qualification to ensure you achieve your goals and get ahead.



There is more to management than being a good leader. It means having an understanding of the complexities of management processes, planning and the Australian and international business environment. Advance yourself – gain the tools to motivate, engage, make change, achieve objectives, manage workflows and ensure you are meeting all your necessary legal and organisational requirements as a manager.



Whether you want to be a chef or manage a restaurant, a qualification in hospitality will give you access to careers around the world.
Hospitality is a rewarding career, you get to meet interesting people, learn about cultures and cuisines and much more.
With our courses you will gain practical real-world training from the experts in the industry.